Film about the life
of Ger Duany,
former child soldier
"WHO AM I ?"
A 45-minute documentary about the prejudice that surrounds national identity, as seen through the eyes of children
Haki Yetu « artists for peace »
Reducing ethnic tensions through music


Pro-human equality is an advocacy organisation that works through media including film, music and literature to address social inequality and prejudice not only in Africa but in Europe and elsewhere. 

The organisation works to develop resilience in communities vulnerable to prejudice, exploitation and disempowerment.

We work with a positive voice seeking to encourage understanding, respect and social equality. Our focus is on highlighting and broadcasting the achievements and success of Africans and people of colour in contemporary society.

Our projects seek to demonstrate that people can overcome challenges face-on and succeed. 


Pro-human equality seeks to bring about deep-seated social and attitudinal change in the countries where we work.

The social needs, community structures and attitudes prevalent in these countries can differ hugely and therefore the methods we use to communicate and the people we seek to influence and help differ too.

Pro-human equality takes a bottom-to-top approach to foster positive, enduring social, community and political change. Some projects seek to educate, others to influence attitudes and to improve understanding and tolerance. We therefore communicate with different population groups, social strata and community structures. We focus on educating and stimulating youth, parents, teachers, local and regional community leaders and the media to foster openness, tolerance and to embrace the positive benefits of diversity and social inclusiveness. 



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